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The Iowa Cyber Hub was cultivated by educators and industry professionals in Iowa to serve Iowa students, employees, managers, educators, and many more. The Iowa Cyber Hub was created to serve as a resource to Iowans who are interested in growing their knowledge and/or career in cybersecurity. With the countless opportunities for cybersecurity professionals, growth, and students in Iowa, the Iowa Cyber Hub is here to guide you through taking those next steps in your professional development.


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Check out what the Cyber Hub has been up to and other Iowa cybersecurity news.

Everyone has a Role in Cybersecurity, including farmers

Within the last 18 months, there has been a dramatic increase in cyberattacks in agriculture, food supply, and farming. This is just the beginning as targeting the agriculture sector has[…]

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CYBER.ORG Announces Creation of National Cybersecurity Education Month in June to Expand K-12 Cybersecurity Education and Diversify the Talent Pipeline

“BOSSIER CITY, La.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CYBER.ORG – a workforce development organization funded through the Cybersecurity Education and Training Assistance Program (CETAP) grant from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) – today kicked[…]

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Summertime calls for cybersecurity while traveling

Summer is in full swing, so it’s time for travel and vacation. The last thing you want to happen while traveling or on vacation is a cyberattack. Here are a[…]

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Cybersecurity affects everyone. To get started, see how Iowans are connected to resources across the state.


Check out these resources to advance your cybersecurity knowledge and career while receiving support from several organizations in Iowa and beyond.


Looking for your next career move? These resources from Iowa and around the country can help you navigate your job search.


Resources from universities and cybersecurity organizations assist with educating students, staff and faculty on cybersecurity, its importance and its impact.


Use these resources to help secure your organization. Organizations from Iowa and the U.S. provide education materials, tax credit and more.

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