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Improving Cybersecurity for Iowans

Podcast: Cybersecurity on the farm

Doug Jacobson was featured on the Successful Farming Podcast to discuss cybersecurity on the farm. Listen here:

Iowa Bill Would Create Cyber Simulation Training Center

“The center, which would be located within the Iowa State University of Science and Technology, would focus on training different groups to prevent cyber attacks and deal with active threats.” Read more:

Americans are at higher risk of Russian cyberattacks after Ukraine invasion: What you should do right now

“Security professionals are urging Americans to take immediate steps to protect themselves from a higher risk of Russian cyberattacks after the invasion of Ukraine.” Read more:

Cyber attacks in the grain industry: Yes, it can happen to you

“Most people affected by cyber attacks will wonder why they were a victim of the attack, often asking ‘Why me?’ In many cases, the attack is not targeted at them specifically, but they fell victim to a cyber attack.” Read more:

Cybersecurity concerns for farmers, agribusiness

Farmers and those employed in the agricultural industry should be mindful of the risks involved with internet security and what they can do to keep themselves and their companies safe. With so much activity being done online, farmers share the same risks as those employed in other industries – sometimes even more so. Read more:…
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Farmers and Cybersecurity

Cyber attacks are in the news everyday, and it only seems to get worse. Attacks like botnets, malware, ransomware, phishing, and sniffing are against pipelines, hospitals, water plants. Now, there are attacks against meat processors and cooperatives. Security experts advise several mitigation tactics, while spraying information everywhere. All of the hype and waves of endless…
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Avoiding Coronavirus Financial Scams: Everything You Need to Know

The coronavirus pandemic has found a way to affect our lives in almost every imaginable way. But one often overlooked area is in the realm of financial scams. Unfortunately, some fraudsters have taken advantage of vulnerable people during these times in order to benefit themselves financially. Read more:

🎼 “It’s the Least Secure Time of the Year!”

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s important to keep cybersecurity and safety at the forefront of our minds while checking off our holiday shopping lists. Based on a Statista study, it’s estimated that 230.5 million Americans shop online, making online shopping a large opportunity for cyber attackers to gain your information or make other…
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Greater Des Moines Partnership: Careers in Tech and IT in 2021

Career Launch DSM: IT/Tech, hosted by the Greater Des Moines Partnership and powered by Tallo, will kick off a new career exploration series. On Thursday, Oct. 14, the Greater Des Moines Partnership and Tallo hosted an education pathway panel covering IT degree options and company spotlights, to showcase Iowa’s in-demand tech opportunities and share how…
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New Cybersecurity Educational Pathways in Iowa

Iowa State University (ISU) partnered with Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) and The Iowa Cyber Hub to review educational pathways into cybersecurity. The organizations hosted a workshop in June, inviting businesses and educators across the state. The purpose of the workshop was to determine if there is a gap between cybersecurity needs and those…
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