Student Chapter

How to start a student chapter

Suggested Structure

  1. Seek approval and support from the school administration or the organization staff, showing the goals of the program and how it would benefit the students and the school. (We will provide you with documents and flyers explaining the program if needed.)
  2. Appoint a staff member as advisor to the chapter of student ambassadors.
  3. Recruit students to join. These students must be willing to be leaders within their school.
  4. Coordinate with us to get students trained.
  5. Figure out student roles within the ambassador program (see below).
  6. Start planning the types of cybersecurity education that is needed within the school and figure out when and where that will happen.
  7. Update your website page with your chapter’s information. You will need to contact us for login information for your chapter’s website page: Your page will be at

Roles Within Chapters

Staff Member/Advisor

President: In charge of leadership and direction.

Vice President: Assists president and steps in when president is not there.

Secretary/Treasurer: Coordinates meetings, manages budget (if needed) and in charge of the evaluation reports that are filled out at the end of every educational session.

Engagement and Outreach: Coordinates outreach and engagement within the school/community, and plans where and when ambassadors go out to teach cybersecurity. Also in charge of the Chapter’s website page and presence online and within the school.