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Student Chapter

A student chapter of the Cybersecurity Ambassador Program functions as a mini-hub within educational institutions like high schools or universities. Its primary role is to disseminate cybersecurity knowledge among peers. Members of this chapter engage in organizing workshops, seminars, and interactive learning sessions tailored to their fellow students, fostering a culture of digital safety and awareness within their academic communities. These chapters act as a bridge between the complex world of cybersecurity and the student body, simplifying and localizing information to suit the unique needs of their educational environment.

Community Chapter

Community chapters of the Cybersecurity Ambassador Program operate within broader local settings such as neighborhoods, towns, or cities. They focus on raising cybersecurity awareness among the general public, encompassing a diverse audience with varied levels of digital literacy. Activities conducted by community chapters include public workshops, awareness campaigns, and informational sessions at community centers or local events. These chapters are crucial in translating cybersecurity knowledge into practical, everyday applications, ensuring that all community members, regardless of age or professional background, can navigate the digital world safely and securely.